SEAC RAA EVO - Men's Short Sleeve Lycra Rash Vest

Product code: WS4556-L

Product information

Affords UVA & UVB Protection - Stylish, Comfortable & Smart. SEAC Rash Vests are extremely good quality. Pay a little more / receive a better product! They are superb when swimming and snorkelling affording great protection from the sun and they dry rapidly. Can also be worn under wet suits etc. You'll appreciate the extra comfort and stretch from the materials and the quality as it slides over your skin. 18% spandex content (82% nylon), significantly enhancing ease of movement, donning & doffing.The feel, comfort and fit ability of any Rash Vest largely depends on the quality of the materials used. As with most wet suits and clothing there exists a huge gulf between items that are cheap and those that will in the end prove much better value even though the initial outlay was greater. SEACs Rash Vests represent the ultimate in quality as well as being extremely stylish.

Technical specifications

Brand Seac Sub
Product Code WS4556-L
Weight 0.25kg