Scuba Diving Regulator 1st Stage Dust / Protector Cap

Product code: SU0618

Product information

Protects and Prevents Contamination of the 1st Stages Primary Filter. Easy & Quick to attach to your A Clamp Regulator. These days with most regulators being Dry Sealed Systems it is vital that you ensure that no water can get inside your 1st Stage, this occurs most often when the regulators are being cleaned in fresh water after use. These low cost Covers are made from thick spongy rubber and when installed and tightened onto an A Clamp 1st Stage a watertight seal is formed ensuring water cannot ingress onto the 1st Stage - if your 1st Stage came fitted with a plastic protector its well worth replacing.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0618
Weight 0.08kg