Scuba Dive Reel for Wreck Cave SMB Delayed - British Quality - LUMB CongeReel -

Product code: LB0000-BK

Product information

We say Made in the UK - The Original - Not a fake or copy because sadly, there are many inferior copy / fake reels on the market that have copied the design but cut corners with inferior materials and manufacturing. This is a genuine Lumb Brothers Reel and is manufactured in the UK. It is not manufactured for any other "brands" so beware of similar looking cheap Chinese Imports sold online. The Lumb Reel is fit for purpose and won't fall apart just when you need it in a safety situation. This reel is compact enough to easily stow in pockets etc yet features 65 metres of line.
  • No Rust Stainless Steel spring inside the trigger.
  • No Rust Stainless Steel spring inside the winding knob.
  • Wind-knob is sprung to facilitate easier reeling when in current etc.
  • Compact, strong and light.
  • 65 Metres of Flow Yellow Line.
  • The spool is bolted onto the backplate with stainless steel nut and bolt.
  • 2 Year UK Guarantee - last a lifetime quality.
  • Suitable for Wreck, Cave, SMB, Delayed SMB.
Length 15cm
Width 13cm
Depth 5.5cm or 9cm with knob included.

Technical specifications

Brand Lumb
Product Code LB0000-BK