Regulator 1st Stage Outlet Ports Adapter > 1 to 3

Product code: SU0398

Product information

Designed to Increase the Number of Outlet Ports from your Regulator 1st Stage. Simply fit to a standard 3/8th 1st Stage Outlet Port and its converted into 3 Standard Outlet Ports so you can accommodate extra hoses etc. (We have an adapter if you want to use it from a 1/2 Regulator Port). Useful if you have an older 1st Stage with fewer outlet ports. Great item enabling additional second stages / BCD Hose (say for Lift Bag / SMB etc.) to be attached to your 1st Stage. The outlet at the top of the unit swivels 360 degrees to assist you eliminating strain to your diving hoses.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0398
Weight 0.41kg