Padded Pouch Type Weight Belt - Beaver Sports - Including Buckle High Quality

Product code: SU0918-S

Product information

Heavy Duty, Most Comfortable, Longest Lasting Padded Pouch Weight Belt - well worth the extra few £s compared to lesser alternatives.

What we like most is the fact that unlike many weight belts this one has much less tendency to slip down your torso when in use.

The base of each pouch section is webbed for fast drainage. Pouch closing is very secure thanks to the Velkro that runs right across the entire pouch width. Pouch sizes are large enough to accommodate lead blocks or sealed bags of lead shot. Maximum Weight per Pouch approx 8lb (3.6 kg).

Small - 30-40" (76-102cm) waist.
Medium - 37-47" (94-119cm) waist.
Large - 44-54" (112-137cm) waist.
Extra Large - 51-61" (130-155cm) waist.

Sizes are approximate and will be dependant on the type of wetsuit and other equipment being worn.

Number of Pouches
Small 3
Medium 4
Large 5
Extra Large 6

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Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0918-S
Weight 1kg