McNett - Sea Buff Dive Mask Pre Cleaner Fluid and Dive Slate Cleaner

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Sea Buff carefully removes residue left on new dive mask lenses by the manufacturing process and prepares the surface for the first application of anti-fog formulas. Sea Buff also removes other residue accumulated on masks while diving or during storage. Sea Buff is ideal for cleaning slates without harming or scratching. PRODUCT INFORMATION - Sea Buff Mask Pre-cleaner & Slate Cleaner is a specialized cleaner formulated for the unique cleaning needs of SCUBA diving masks and slates. New diving masks must be cleaned to remove factory residues before the first application of anti-fog products. Otherwise, the residue will substantially reduce the effectiveness of any anti-fog solution that may be applied to the lens. Most new masks will need to be cleaned before the first 4 or 5 dives, as factory residues continue to migrate from the mask skirt onto the lens. Older masks should be cleaned periodically to remove residues accumulated from dives. The specialized Sea Buff formula removes these stubborn residues without damaging the mask. Sea Buff is also an ideal dive slate cleaner. Buffing slates with a small amount of Sea Buff will restore slates to like-new condition. USES Eliminates factory residues from diving mask lenses Ideal for use on other optic surfaces including auto and household windows, mirrors and more. CHARACTERISTICS Biodegradable Will not leave residue build-up on lenses Will not scratch lens surfaces.

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Product Code AD0560
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