Mares - Avanti Quattro Shoe Fins for Scuba, Spearfishing and Snorkelling

Product code: FN1100-40BK

Product information

Mares Avanti Quattro Power Fins have been world leaders for many years with dozens of positive reviews and thousands of users worldwide. They've set the standard against which other (usually lesser) fins are measured - they are really powerful yet easier on the ankles and legs compared to most. They are easy and quick to get used to and really help generate amazing trust without mega energy input.Popular with Free Divers, Snorkellers, Scuba Divers, Speafisherman and favoured by most underwater Octopush / underwater hockey players.Utilizing the historic Mares four-channel Mares patent the channels on the blade optimally achieve a significant flow of water that increases thrust. The reinforced rubber side ribs improve the blade's elasticity and protect it against damaging cuts and wear. The anatomical foot pocket, with a very soft and comfortable reinforced heel, won't cause fatigue when used for long periods.Ideal for Speafisherman divers who want a shorter fin with long-term reliability and its silence when colliding with rocks makes it ideal for stalking!

Technical specifications

Brand Mares
Product Code FN1100-40BK
Weight 3kg