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Product code: SU0695

Product information

74cm High Pressure Hose with Swivel. Polaris Top & Side Reading Compass (Sensibly placed and angled at the top of the console which makes for easier focussing and reading). 300 Bar Contents Gauge. 80 Metre Depth Gauge with Maximum Depth Indicator. Firstly all your important gauges are in view at the same time, no need to twist your HP Hose around on itself to see the gauge on the other side. Furthermore the compass encased within the strategy console is the full size Beaver Polaris Compass - its so much easier to read compared to smaller compasses. Unlike most consoles the compass is located in the best position for reading and navigation and that's at the end further away from the eyes - when you hold the unit up pointing forward you'll also appreciate the fact that the compass unit is angled making it possible to read the side the direction through the side view compass window - a feature that everyone demands when buying a compass alone and then forgets when buying a console unit comprising several gauges. As just about all HP Gauges age you'll find that the pressure needle does not quite go all the way back to ZERO when the pressure reading should be ZERO (many seem to record 10 - 20 bar) - thus many pressure gauges actually record a little more pressure than they should. The Strategy units Pressure Gauge has a manual adjustment dial on the back - simply turn this a little so the needle is exactly on the ZERO when the cylinder is empty. Thus you should always know that strategies Pressure Reading is as accurate as possible. Lastly this console unit has an attachment location for a lanyard or clip so the unit can easily be clipped to our BCD D-Ring so it does not dangle. It may not be tiny and so pretty but its tougher and stronger and easier to use and designed for easy use rather than fitting as much as possible into the smallest space!

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Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0695
Weight 0.66kg