Dry Suit Scuba Diving Gear Hanger with Regulator Protector - Ultra Heavy Duty

Product code: SU4000

Product information

Ultra heavy duty hanger specially designed for hanging Dry Suits and dive gear for storage and drying after use. Incorporates a dummy cylinder valve for attachment of regulator for safe storage.

Helps extend the service life of your equipment. The ideal hanging solution for your drysuits with no danger of damaging latex neck seals or distorting neoprene ones.

The upside-down position allows the suit to dry quickly and lets it ventilate properly during storage. Swivelling hook allows the suit to turn freely.

A really great addition is the built-in dummy cylinder valve for easy regulator attachment (DIN/Yoke) and hooks for hoses.
  • Perfect for all kind of Dry Suits with attached boots
  • Holds your suit upside down for better ventilation
  • Sturdy and simple to use
  • High neck to support natural shape of the seal.


Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU4000
Weight 1kg