DIVING Compressor CHARGING ADAPTER 232 Bar DIN outlet to 300 Bar Din inlet

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Product information

Scuba Adapter for Compressor Hose / Cylinder Valve >200 and 232 to 300 Bar DIN
Useful with Compressor Hoses when filling cylinders with different Din Rated Cylinder Valves.
Can be used to convert a dive cylinder valve from 300 BAR so it can accommodate a 232 BAR Din Regulator 1st Stage. Screw the 300 Bar Din connection male end into your 300 Bar cylinder valve and your 232 Bar Din Compressor Hose or Regulator 1st Stage Din Threads and complete the connection by screwing into the female end of this handy adapter.
Converts 232 bar DIN outlet to 300 Bar DIN inlet, allowing the connection of a 300 Bar valve to 232 Bar on a 232 Bar fitting compressor hose.
Compatible with thread types and dimensions as specified under European Standards EN-144-1 and EN-144-3.

Technical specifications

Brand Blue Water Sports
Product Code SU0383
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