DIVE Cylinder BOOT for Single TANK or Twinset - 5,7,10,12,15, 18 Litres - New

Product code: SU1466-S5

Product information

We offer a range of quality cylinder/dive tank boots.
Installation is sometimes easier if you warm the boot (soak in hot water).
Our quality cylinder boots are sourced from Beaver Sports and other quality Scuba Brands.
Designed for steel cylinders affording superior protection and enabling the cylinder to stand upright.
Please select size required from drop down list above.
Options -:
Cylinder Boot Diameter: 204mm
Should fit: 12 Litre Dumpy, 15 Litre and 18 Litre Steel Cylinders
Cylinder Boot Diameter: 171mm
Should fit: 10 & 12 Litre Cylinders.
Cylinder Boot Diameter: 140mm
Should fit: 5 & 7 Litre Cylinders.
Twin Boot: 140mm
Should fit most 5 and 7 Litre Twin Sets with standard spacing.
Twin Boot: 171mm
Should fit most 10 and 12 Litre Twin Sets with standard spacing.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU1466-S5
Weight 8kg