Beaver Sports Quick Release WEIGHT BELT with FREE Weight Retainers Fitted

Product code: SU0921

Product information

Beaver Sports - Postive / Quick Release Weight Belt with weight retainers and Easy Tightening / Easy Adjust System. Ever thought that it would be great if you could adjust your weight belt for maximum comfort with just the right tightness to securely hold your weights in position and then keep the exact adjustment for all your dives? That's standard with a quick release weight belt.

When adjusting a standard camlock buckle on most standard weight belts you have to release the buckle, therefore with your weight belt no longer securely attached you pull the webbing tighter whilst trying to keep the belt on so that the next time you flip the camlock over to lock it back into position you hope that you've pulled the belt tight enough for a more comfortable fit.

Quick release weight belts allow you to adjust the tension without having to undo the buckle. This ensures the belt is securely attached to you! In other words you can adjust as necessary (i.e. when your dive suit compresses) without loosening or undoing the buckle. Another nice feature is the total absence of flapping around weight belt webbing.

Beaver Sports

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Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0921