Beaver Sports - Scuba Diving Regulator Hose - Choice of Colour and Length - Universal Fitting

Product code: SU0732-BK150

Product information

Beaver Sports Regulator Hoses are universal fitting thus they are suitable for use with 99% of regulators from all manufacturers - we offer a full refund in the event that a hose does not fit your regulator! Beaver Sports Regulator hoses have the standard 3/8th UNF thread to connect to your Regulator 1st Stage. If you have a 1st Stage that has the less common 1/2" thread you'll need to purchase an adapter. Standard 9/16th connection is used to connect the hose to your Regulator 2nd Stage.Information - Most Standard Length Regulator hoses are 69 to 74cm long. Most Octopus regulator hoses are 91cm long. For technical diving configurations we also offer extra long 150cm and 210cm length hoses.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0732-BK150
Weight 1kg