Beaver Sports - Low Pressure / Regulator Hose Strain Eliminator

Product code: SU0399

Product information

Diving Regulator Hose Swivel. Pop one into a Standard 3/8 Regulator Outlet Port on your 1st Stage, then attach your Second Stage Hose to the Adapter and your Regulator Hose Instantly Becomes 360 Degree Moveable, just like a Windmill. Facilitates much better hose routing and can eliminate any stress from your Hose / Second Stage. Makes the Second Stage Much Easier to Locate and without doubt a seriously good idea for Octopus hose / Second Stages. Also great if your 1st Stage does not offer the outlet angle you want for your hose routing etc.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Code SU0399
Weight 0.33kg