Beaver Sports - Low Pressure / Regulator Hose Strain Eliminator

Product code: SU0399

Product information

Diving Regulator Hose Swivel. Pop one into a Standard 3/8 Regulator Outlet Port on your 1st Stage, then attach your Second Stage Hose to the Adapter and your Regulator Hose Instantly Becomes 360 Degree Moveable, just like a Windmill. Facilitates much better hose routing and can eliminate any stress from your Hose / Second Stage. Makes the Second Stage Much Easier to Locate and without doubt a seriously good idea for Octopus hose / Second Stages. Also great if your 1st Stage does not offer the outlet angle you want for your hose routing etc.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0399
Weight 0.33kg