Beaver Sports - Divers Reel with 80M Line + Stainless Steel Bolt Snap

Product code: SU0872

Product information

Beaver Sports Osprey Wreck Reel with over 80 Metres of Line on a Tough easy to operate nylon ratchet locking spool with a specially designed and strengthened & shortened Wind Knob. Thumb Controlled Ratchet Trigger facilitates easy free spool and lock. Supplied with Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Bolt Snap. Primarily designed for marking routes (caves / wrecks) reeling off from shot lines. Can also be used with SMBs, Delayed SMBs etc. Offering more realistic length of line for more diving situations. The larger reel size and the increased line length reduces the spools speed of rotation in use when compared to 40 metre reels thus increasing safety and reducing risk of birds nest.

Technical specifications

Brand Beaver Sports
Product Code SU0872
Weight 1kg