BC Life from McNett | Cleans Disenfects BCDs and Dive Gear

Product code: SU0568

Product information

B.C. LIFE is a complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all types of B.C.D.s. Because B.C.D.s are considered life support equipment, proper maintenance is crucial. The B.C.D. is constantly exposed to saltwater, biological matter, pollutants, oil and chlorine, all of which can damage the urethane-coated nylon shell, rendering the device unreliable, or worse yet, useless. B.C. LIFE works to prevent this by cleaning the inside of all types of B.C.D.s with non-oxynol 9, a special cleaner designed to kill all types of bacteria. Kills bacteria Extends the life of B.C.D.s Cleans and conditions all parts of your BCD, removing harmful bacteria, salt deposits and other harmful residue, ensuring a long life and great long lasting appearance, supplied in a 237ml (8oz) bottle. 4 Small capfuls poured into your BCD via the Inflation mouthpiece then fill the BCD bladder with water and then shake like mad! Drain out and all the harmful bacteria, caked salt deposits etc. will be gone. Also Mix with water to form a solution then use to clean the outside of your BCD you'll soon discover just how much salt and other matter gets left behind that ages your BCD Prematurely. Regular use will prolong the life of your expensive dive equipment and ensure your BCDs Bladder is no longer breeding ground for bacteria. etc.

Technical specifications

Brand McNett
Code SU0568
Weight 0.25kg